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Q. Can I keep a bounced check from being returned?

A. If you deposit the money for the check prior to 12:00 pm, the check may be paid.

Q. I forgot my COREY/Online Branch password.

A. Come in or fax a signed letter requesting the password to be reset. Call and request a reset.

Q. What is Bill Pay?

A. Bill Pay is a way to pay your bills online without buying envelopes, stamps, or writing checks.

Q. How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

A. Log into the Online Branch and click on the Bill Pay tab. It will then walk you through the registration process.

Q. How much does Bill Pay cost?

A. Bill Pay is FREE.

Q. How long will my Bill Pay payment take to be processed?

A. The payment will be processed in 2-3 business days for Electronic payment and 3-5 business days for payment by check?

Q. What happens if my Bill Pay payment was sent on time, but I was charged a late fee?

A. We will research your payment and if your payment was sent on time, the late fees charged will be refunded up to $50.

Q. Where can I find the ABA/Routing number for CORE CU?

A. This is the first set of numbers located on the bottom of your personal checks. The ABA/Routing number for CORE CU is 261287633.